Avis is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing is impossible for this very inspiring and determined woman. You’ve never met anyone who can so fearlessly invent the future. Avis has remarkable talents for bringing large groups of passionate people together around real-world problems, and then activating individuals to take action and drive the vision forward. I have no doubt she will have a lasting impact on the world.
— Colette Grgic, Chief innovation officer, blue chilli

I'm Avis. Welcome to my world.

Who I am.

A bit about me

People have called me many things. The Sydney Morning Herald has called me a "super connector". I've also been called a speaker, a facilitator, an activist, a changemaker, a social entrepreneur, a design thinker, a thought leader, a transformational coach and a systems thinker....but I'm also just a regular human intent on figuring out a better way of living and being in this world. One where we, our businesses and our planet can thrive now and into the future.

My sweet spot lies between the worlds of innovation, social change and radical self enquiry. My magic sauce is my ability to create safe, open and collaborative spaces that allow for personal, business and cultural transformation. 

I ask big questions. Solve big problems. And curse like a sailor.

On this site you'll find out more about me and the work I do. So pull up a pew. Take a look around. And if you like what you see, reach out. I'd love to collaborate.


What I do.

a bit about my work & some case studies

I help people and organisations design a better future. I challenge the status quo and inspire action. I craft experiences and spaces for  transformation. I build supportive communities. I work with leaders and entrepreneurs on the inner work it takes to create sustainable change in the world. I never stop learning.

I may do many things, but I get shit done.

Below is a selection of case studies of the projects I've founded and co-designed. Click for further details and to watch related videos or view my full portfolio here.

What I believe.

my theories of change

My work in the world and my way of being is shaped by these three core theories of change. These theories have emerged from my varied experiences across entrepreneurship and leadership development as well as social and environmental change. They're also influenced by my own personal transformation and the time I've spent learning from indigenous elders and ancient wisdom traditions.

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