Avis facilitates change.

As a speaker and facilitator Avis uses entrepreneurship, innovation, storytelling and design thinking to inspire and empower people and organisations to create meaningful and sustainable change in their lives, businesses and the world.

After watching too many founders and changemakers, including herself burnout whilst following their visions, Avis now creates and facilitates leadership development, wellbeing and innovation programs dedicated to helping people create businesses & impact in a way that prioritises their mental health and wellbeing. 

At her core, Avis is a systems thinker and passionate collaborator who believes that self care, self knowledge and wellbeing are the foundations to creating better lives and a better future. 

She is a serial social entrepreneur and is most well known as the face behind Think Act Change, Sydney's largest changemaker community & event series. She has been involved with numerous social impact projects and was the founding CEO of Australia's first technology incubator aimed at building inclusivity for people living with a disability.

Named in Sydney Magazines "Top 100 People of Influence", Avis has been dubbed a “super-connector” due to her passion for, and particular talent at connecting people and organisations to enable greater impact. Avis has worked with corporates, innovation labs, incubators, non-profits, universities, social entrepreneurs, creatives and business leaders in her quest to co-create a better future. 

Known for her unconventional approach, Avis is provocative yet humble and incredibly relatable. She has knack for quickly engaging with audiences and getting to the real core of difficult issues with grace and humour. 

Avis has an ability to motivate and empower large groups of people into taking inspired action to create lasting change in their lives, their businesses and the world.

She lives her life wholly and unapologetically and is dedicated to inspiring others to do the same

When not busy attempting to reinvent the future, Avis is usually to be found in the ocean, playing guitar or having an existential conversation about the nature of the universe.

It’s official. Avis Mulhall has taken the crown of being one of the most inspiring and prolific entrepreneurs I’ve come across in Australia.
— Mahesh Sharma, Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald
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Engagement is something that can be discussed and dissected but delivery is not a given. Avis’ ability to create engagement, to inspire and build an audience is something special and rare. She takes change to its very nerve endings, confronts comfort zones and generally rattles the status quo and the safety of business as usual. She sees the world through very different eyes and makes no apologies for it.
— Costa Georgiadia, TV Presenter, ABC


My Story

Ten years ago I ditched a life that no longer served me - leaving behind a house, a long term boyfriend and a six figure career. I had all the trappings of success I was led to believe would bring me happiness, yet I felt I was slowing dying on the inside.

So I took off on a quest that brought me to Australia where I launched, and often failed at, tech startups and social enterprises, started Sydney’s largest changemaker community and event series, and became the founding CEO of a tech startup incubator in the disability space.

I was voted in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Top 100 People of Influence and have worked as a keynote speaker and facilitator empowering thousands of people to create change in the world. As an outspoken activist, I’ve consistently stood up for the causes I believe in from raising awareness of mental health and the plight of asylum seekers to environmental issues like those at Standing Rock.

And do you know what? It's been hard. Really fucking hard. You see, there's a dangerous myth perpetuated in the world that leading a life of purpose or starting a business you love is the silver bullet to happiness. Yet the truth is, that the pursuit of a purpose filled life can open you up to the depths of the darkness of the world. And the realities of life as a leader or entrepreneur can lead to seemingly endless struggle and agonising isolation. Unequipped and alone, this is dangerous territory to navigate. 

The thing I've learned is that if we can have the courage to nurture ourselves and our souls first, meaning and change will inevitably follow. And that self care, self knowledge and wellbeing aren't luxuries, they're the essential foundations to creating better lives, better businesses and a better world.

Now I spend my life sharing disruptive strategies on how radical self enquiry is the basis for creating the kind of resilient, authentic leaders our world needs.

Because when we have the courage to change our lives, we change our world.

I'd love for you to join me.

Avis is a natural teacher and facilitator, though her magic power lies in her capacity to create a welcoming and inclusive space that allows people to take a deep journey of transformation.
It’s clear that her work is a product of a long and rigorous journey that she continues to take herself, and thats why its so powerful. She understands the many layers and levels we pass through on our journey to wellness & self discovery. She meets us exactly where we are, with no judgement, an open heart, a clear mind and a toolkit to help us not just navigate change, but to thrive in life and business.
— Deirdre Ambrose, Digital Media Creative Entrepreneur