Creator and facilitator of this 4 week online course designed to help purpose driven leaders and entrepreneurs create change in a way that puts their mental health and wellbeing first.

The course was launched as a crowdfunding campaign and successfully raised $32,000 over three weeks and signed up over 170 people for the first round.

I was responsible for developing the course curriculum, researching and prototyping course content, branding, UX and marketing as well as project management of the design and development of the course website and materials.

What is PurposeFul?

Bridging the fields of personal development, indigenous wisdom, life design, wellbeing and spirituality this interactive program is designed to help people create sustainable and meaningful change in their lives, businesses and the world. 

Packed to the brim with inspirational video lectures as well as relatable, reliable tools & resources, PurposeFul is a no bullshit guide to figuring out who the hell you are, how you want to live, and how you want to create meaningful change. Because you are the core of what you can bring to the world. And when we live our life, our way we have so much more to give.

It’s kind of like self development, but for folks who give a fuck about the world. No fluff. No BS. Just results. This course cuts through the noise, connects you more deeply to yourself and gives you the clarity and frameworks you’ll need for navigating change, so that you can live the change you want to see & design a life you love.

Because if we want to create a future where we and our planet can thrive, we need to start by looking within.



watch the intro video here

Avis Mulhall