As founding CEO of Remarkable I conducted and oversaw in-depth research and led co-design sessions bringing together industry leaders, user testers, key stakeholders and impact entrepreneurs in order to decide on the best structure and strategy for the accelerator program.

I also developed the marketing and branding, was responsible for curriculum development, partnerships, mentor attraction and stakeholder engagement.

I also curated and designed DISRUPTABILITY*, a 2.5 day conference and designathon for the Telstra Foundation, aimed at engaging staff and industry in the principles of universal design.

What is Remarkable?

Remarkable is a technology accelerator for startups making a difference for people with disability. This 16-week accelerator program integrates the best of tech startups, social impact and disability inclusion expertise. Over the course of the accelerator, Remarkable builds capacity for early stage tech entrepreneurs by providing access to masterclasses and funding as well as mentors, user testers and peers.

Remarkable is an initiative of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and is partially funded by the Telstra Foundation.


below is a video i created during a trip to the nesta labworks conference, a gathering of leading innovation labs from around the world



Avis Mulhall