Facilitating spaces that unlock leadership potential and enhance creativity, innovation, performance & impact .

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Avis not only took the participants on an experience of learning, development and discovery but also took our leadership team on the same incredible learning journey. Entrepreneurship is not something that comes easily within a large bureaucracy and trusting Avis and her team to take us through the work was the best decision we made.
— Fiona Reyerink, Deputy Director, UNSW

Transformational Leadership Development

Our work doesn't need to destroy us. It can be used as a tool to reinvent the future and unleash our greatest potential.

Workshops and immersive bootcamps that create purpose driven, innovative and resilient leaders


Let's face it, leadership today is hard. Burnout, mental health issues and job dissatisfaction are reaching epidemic levels. Even the most intentional and purpose led organisations struggle to create cultures where their people can thrive. Not to mention the challenges leaders and organisations face in trying to stay relevant in an ever changing world. 

The world, and our businesses needs a new kind of leader. Leaders that are resilient, empathetic, authentic, creative, purposeful and adaptive. Leaders that can challenge the status quo and the safety of "business as usual", that can lead and inspire change, drive innovation and solve real world problems. 

So whether you're looking to develop leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation skills, or seeking to ignite passion, purpose and curiosity,  Avis' workshops will ensure your leaders - and your business - will thrive now and into the future.

Grounded in wellbeing and radical self enquiry and leveraging innovation, storytelling and design thinking, these immersive and inspiring talks and workshops will bring participants on an inner journey of transformation where they'll learn how to channel emergent awareness into new creative projects that make a real impact in the world.

Because when we scale ourselves, we scale our impact.

Choose from curated and custom packages including talks, workshops, immersive bootcamps and online programs.  

Rare comes the chance to work with someone that not only lives a large, inspiring life but also someone that is brutally honest, open and sincere when sharing their experiences on stage. The audience as a whole are left with a feeling of empowerment and inspiration by the energy that she is. Not only does she excite and inspire others to live to their fullest, she truly lives it herself. Recommend isn’t the right word, I urge others to take any opportunity to work with Avis
— Josh Stinton, Failcon at VIVID Sydney, Founder at Outspire

Keynote talks

Inspiring & engaging keynotes to suit your needs. Topics include;

  • The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship: Tackling the mental health crisis in startups
  • Making Change Happen: Framework for creating profound and sustainable change
  • The Future of Work: Crafting cultures of meaning and purpose
  • Scale Yourself, Scale Your Impact: Wellbeing & self awareness as the foundations for scale


Watching Avis speak is like feeling an injection of life - a breath of fresh air. Avis is a groundbreaker on a cosmic scale & I want everyone to hear what she has to say!
— Vik Nithy, OCG Education

Workshops & bootcamps

Fully immersive programs that delve deep into the theory, practices and tools required to create holistic wellbeing, cultures of innovation and sustainable impact

  • Half day, full day & multi day workshops
  • Grounded in design thinking, storytelling, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership development
  • Explore values & virtues to develop personal integrity & understand how these can be used to enhance decision making, creativity, innovation, performance & impact, as well as contributing to business growth & team development
  • A blend of work & play incorporating talks, conversations, group exercises, personal reflection, mindfulness based practices & more
  • Residential or non-residential options available
  • Co-designed innovation labs, entrepreneurship programs and accelerators are also available
This has not only been one of my favourite workshops we have run, but it has also had some of the greatest and most powerful impact on those who participated. Avis has a real gift and I feel truly grateful to have crossed paths with her and to have had the opportunity to see and feel the impact she has on those around her, including myself.
— Alexis Wood, Head of Partnerships, Academy Xi

Online programs

Customised online versions of our in-person workshops and bootcamps

  • Exploring wellbeing, self awareness and self development as tools to enhance creativity, innovation, performance, growth & impact
  • Includes in-depth lectures, tools, interviews and workbooks as well as group work and in-person Zoom calls with Avis and other experts
  • Blended programs available - part in-person / part online
As an entrepreneur, I’ve often struggled with burnout yet kept going, ignoring that inner voice that has screamed ‘self-care’ at the expense of myself and my business. I knew that there had to be a better way, but didn’t know where to start. I believe that Avis has discovered many of the answers the soul is searching for. Avis, your work is so important to so many people who need to find a way to navigate the trials of the self through the landscape of the start up and the business worlds. Thank you!
— Rebecca Tapp, Coach & Entrepreneur

Interested in having Avis speak or run a workshop?

Avis is engaging, insightful and humble. This has been one of the best personal development experiences I’ve ever had.
— Paul Rebec, Workshop participant, academy xi